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Weaning is a time for helping your baby to explore new tastes, as well as providing the right nutrients for growth.

Many mums would prefer to feed their babies home cooked food, but the pressures of everyday life mean that many resort to using jars.
When babies are under 6 months they rely on breast or formula milk for calories so early weaning foods, from 6 months onwards, should be easy-to-digest, tasty, nutrient-rich and suitable to puree.

Nutritious turkey. Did you know...
  • Protein is needed for normal growth and development of bones in children.
  • Just 25g of turkey breast can provide half of the recommended daily protein intake for a 7-9 month old baby. Source: Independent Research.
  • A 25g portion of turkey breast will provide, on average, 30-50% of your baby's daily requirements for niacin, selenium and vitamin B6. Source: Independent Research

Versatile turkey
Once your baby reaches 9 – 12 months it will probably be eating a variety of foods so feeding it mashed or lightly pureed versions of family meals is perfectly fine. Meals such as turkey mince bolognaise and chilli con carne are delicious family meals that can be enjoyed by baby too.

Don't forget...
Turkey is also great value for money and so convenient. Mince, steaks and diced turkey cook in only 10-15 minutes so no need to overdo it - cooked correctly turkey stays moist and tastes great.

Here are a couple of easy turkey recipes for you to try which will give your baby a nutritious meal...



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Easy weaning with turkey