Takeaway alternatives
We’ve all been there. Whether it’s because you’ve had a bad day at work, or just because you’ve had a craving all day, at some point we all find ourselves reaching for the take away menu, even if you know the budget can’t take it. However, with a bit of turkey and a few carefully chosen ingredients you can whip up virtually any take away dish you desire.

And you can find the recipes on this very site.
Turkey tikka masala
Indian takeaway
If you like a bit of spice in your life an Indian takeaway is great for cold evenings or sunny days. There are plenty of different sorts of turkey curry you can make, whether you prefer a turkey tikka masala or something milder like a turkey and coconut korma. There are even turkey curries you can cook up from a few leftovers.
Turkey burger
Fast food
There’s nothing quite like fast food done really, really well. Sometimes you just find yourself wanting a really tasty burger or a good quality kebab. There are a whole variety of different ways you can fry up a juicy turkey burger. You can go with a basic turkey burger recipe, or if health is a concern, try our lean turkey burger recipe.

Alternatively if you’re feeling adventurous you can make some spiced turkey burgers with avocado relish, a twist on the classic recipe that gives your burgers a bit of kick. Apricot is a flavour that goes exceptionally well with turkey, and turkey and apricot burgers are another dish you may want to try.

Of course, sometimes you don’t want a burger, but instead crave a kebab. Check out the recipes for sweet chilli kebabs or turkey kebab skewers. Combine those with some warmed pitta breads and you’ll have a meal to die for.
Stir-fried turkey with ginger
Chinese takeaway
Whether you’ve mastered the art of chopsticks or just dive in with a knife and fork, Chinese food makes for a fantastic comfort dish. However, a lot of Chinese dishes are very easy to cook up in your own home. You can stir fry turkey really easily, whether you use coriander or ginger.

You can even expand into other dishes such as Sichuan style turkey with noodles, or sweet and sour turkey. From there, why not try some Thai dishes, such as these excellent Thai lettuce wraps?


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Takeaway alternatives