In praise of one pot meals
One pot meals are an absolute gift to the busy cook. They’re healthy, tasty and perhaps best of all, they create extremely little washing up! Here are a few reasons why you should learn to embrace the one pot method.
Turkey and cauliflower bake
They’re simple
One pot meals take very little time to prepare and are even quicker to clean up. If you’ve got to cram cooking a meal in between getting home from work, picking up the kids from school and making sure they’ve done their homework, the one pot meal is your friend.

The ingredients themselves are usually straight forward, making these meals easy to shop for as well.
They’re cheap
One pot meals usually use a simple combination of vegetables, rice or pasta and a meat such as turkey. You can even make them with leftovers from other, more extravagant meals to avoid waste. What’s more, one pot meals lend themselves to cooking large quantities, so you’ll probably have enough to store in the fridge for a quick meal later.
Turkey casserole
The options are endless
While the ingredients and the method are straight forward, there are still limitless ways to customise at it. You can try our one pot herby turkey, or our turkey casserole. You can cook up our turkey and cauliflower bake. If you like pasta, our one pot turkey lasagne is perfect for you. If you want a traditional British dish, try our cottage pie. Whether you fancy a goulash or a soup you can get it together in a single pot and save yourself all that washing up. Once you’ve tried all the recipes on offer here you can start experimenting. Add your own spices and seasonings to create different flavours. Swap ingredients out to satisfy picky eaters. Whatever you’re craving, just stick it all in the pot.

Then afterwards tell someone else to do the washing up. After all, there isn’t that much of it!


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In praise of one pot meals