Common kitchen hygiene mistakes
Hygiene is perhaps the most important thing you need to know about cooking, yet tragically it’s also one of the most often neglected. Even if you think of yourself as a very clean and tidy person, there’s a good chance that you’ve committed at least one of the kitchen sins on this list.
Marinating meat on the counter or leaving it out to cool
When meat or seafood needs marinating in preparation for cooking a meal, a lot of people stick it in a plastic bag with the marinade and leave in on the kitchen counter to soak in the juices. This is the equivalent of throwing a party for bacteria. Raw meat left at room temperature is the perfect place for it to breed.

Make sure that any meat or seafood you leave to marinade is put in the fridge, where you can safely leave it for hours to absorb as much flavour as possible.

Likewise, people often make the mistake of leaving their food out to cool before storing it in the fridge.

This mistake is particularly common with leftovers. Many people wait for the food to completely cool down before they put it in the fridge for safe keeping. But within a couple of hours, or just one hour if the weather’s warm, illness-causing bacteria can set up shop and begin to multiply.
Washing your meat
This might seem like a mistake- surely cleaning food before cooking it is good hygiene? But what you’re really doing is pouring water over contaminated meat, meaning that the water will pick up any harmful bacteria and spread it over your sink and work surfaces.

One of the reasons we cook meat is that it kills off any harmful bacteria in the process. There’s no need to clean it first.

Forgetting to wash your hands
It’s such an obvious tip, and one you’ve been told time and time again, but how often have you let this one slide? Your hands are constantly picking up bacteria from every surface you touch, and if you don’t wash your hands before cooking all of that is going to be spread over your food. A quick rinse won’t do the trick either.

You need to spend 20 seconds scrubbing both hands with soap and water before and after you deal with food.


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Common kitchen hygiene mistakes